Baby on Board!

Erin will be out on maternity leave for Fall Quarter

Normally during the fall I talk with prospective graduate students interested in joining the lab, and encourage those who are potentially a good fit to apply. This fall I’m on maternity leave, so if you’re interested in our PhD program please go ahead and apply and I’ll talk with and potentially interview prospective candidates in the winter.

I expect some new postdoc opportunities to become available this winter and spring. Watch here for news!

Join the fun!

Contact Erin Mordecai for information about conducting research in the lab as an undergraduate, graduate student, or postdoc.

Prospective graduate students: Please send a CV and a brief statement describing your background and research interests to Erin Mordecai: I accept PhD students through the Biology Department (Eco-Evo track), the Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources (E-IPER), and the PhD program in Epidemiology.

Prospective postdocs: Please send a CV and brief statement of interests and background to Erin Mordecai:

Stanford undergrads: We have positions available to work in the lab and on mathematical modeling projects. Please apply through the Biology Department’s B-SURP summer internship program or through the Major Grants program.

High school summer interns: We are no longer accepting unpaid summer interns. We accept interns through Stanford's RISE program